Handbook on the Operation of Foursquare Churches

2018 Reprinted
  This handbook was reprinted and given a new cover-page design. A soft copy of
  the handbook maybe dowloaded by request from the local church pastor, district
  or Bible school office, for emergency or immediate use only, like during meetings,
  but not for reproduction. This handbook is for sale in a booklet type and is
  available at the CFGP National Office. All Foursquare ministers are expected and
  encourage to have a copy of this handbook for proper guidance, procedure and
  conduct of ministry duties and responsibilities.

  May all of us, the members of the Foursquare Family in the Philippines, recommit
  ourselves anew to operate as a united and cohesive legal entity under the laws of
  the Republic of the Philippines bearing in mind, the practices set forth in our
  Handbook on the Operation of Foursquare Churches.

To open and download the handbook, type "handbook" into the item box and request from your district office for the password, then click open.

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