Church Planting

We Grow By Multiplying Churches: The Foursquare Church exists to multiply healthy churches led by healthy, disciple-making leaders. Learn more how your church can multiply, and find the support you need to keep propelling your church forward.


A church is a gathering or assembly of believers in Christ in a particular locality or place for a purpose of fellowship, nurture in the word and the worship of God.


An existing gatheing or assembly of believers in Christ can only be chartered and endorsed as a Foursquare church when it qualifies to all the following criteria.

    1.   Minimum Number of Baptized Members/Attenders
      12 Members / 20 Attenders – For rural church
      15 members / 25 Attenders – For urban church
      (With attendance records of not less than 3 consecutive months each.)
    2.   Designated Credentialed Pastor/Worker
      This designated pastor/worker should be part of the church planting team, if not the leader of the team during the inception process.
    3.   A Five-year Action Plan
      This five-year action should describe and outline the program for growth and development of the curch plant from the time of chartering to the time of weaning.
    4.   Place and Schedule of Assembly
      The gathering should be held once a week and the place or venue must be both visible and accessible to the public transportation.
    5.   Initial Set of Officers
      This initial set of officers must be composed of church council or deciding body, secretary, treasurer. Later consideration may include a bookkeeper.


This system has to be in place in order to ensure sustainability and viability of the church plant until it is weaned by the mothering church and or by the sponsoring church/organization.

    1.   An Average Monthly Income
      3K Minimum - For rural church
      5K Minimum - For urban church
      (At least, by the time of chartering, it is the average income more or less)
    2.   A Mothering or Sponsoring Church/Organization
      The existing church plant must have a mothering or a sponsoring church/organization.
    3.   Church Planting Team
      The church planting pastor must have a team composed of 3-5 members, including the planter/pastor himself.
    4.   Mentoring and In-service Training
      A close monitoring and mentoring of the church planter and his team must be done to ensure and enhance capability and increase capacity for the ministry.
    5.   A Progress Evaluation and Assessment
      Progress evaluation has to be done every three months for the the first 3 years and every 6 months for the succeeding years.

    Church Planting Models Video from Foursquare Philippines on Vimeo.

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