Foursquare Missions

To take the whole gospel to the whole world, until all have heard.

To partner with the Foursquare family to evangelize, disciple, plant churches and multiply national Foursquare church-planting movements around the world.

To see a global family of Foursquare churches, leaders and missionaries who, as fully devoted followers of Christ, are healthy, growing and making disciples of all nations.

Core Values

  • Compassion . Communicating and demonstrating the love of Christ to those who are lost, hurting and without hope.
  • Family . Creating committed relationships of shared values, beliefs, heritage and mission.
  • Partnership . Serving together with nations, churches and missionaries to take the Foursquare gospel around the world.
  • Reproducibility . Planting and cultivating healthy and reproducing church movements around the world.
Four-Stage Model
The Four-Stage Development Model is a highly functional and strategic framework that has been guiding churches to do what Jesus wants them to do. Regardless of country, culture, geography or history, churches go through similar and predictable phases on their way to becoming healthy and reproductive.

Every great move of God begins with PRAYER. The most significant way you can partner with our Foursquare missionaries and leaders around the world is through continuous and fervent prayer. Because we truly covet your prayers, we provide resources to help you focus your prayers and join with others in our Foursquare family in united prayer for global evangelism.

Commit to pray for God's anointing on our missionaries, His divine protection for their families, their favor among the people, and evangelism across the nations.

Foursquare Missions has been called to bring the Gospel of Jesus to people that desperately need His love. Your generous giving to the Global Missions Fund enables FMI to mobilize leaders and churches to effectively proclaim this Good News around the world; to activate catalytic leaders for strategic evangelism initiatives; and to provide missions training, field resources, and global expertise in international culture and diplomacy.

Commit to give generously to the Global Mission Fund, that we may effectively reach out to nations and people who have never heard the Gospel.

To donate to Foursquare Missions, please contact the national office.

We aren't ashamed to say it. We need your partnership.

Whether it's a project in another country that your church feels passionately about or a Foursquare missionary that your local church is sending to another country, we want to partner with you.

Commit to partner with people who have been called to the field, projects that will change people's lives, places that are in desperate need, and passions God has placed on your heart to transform the lives of people around the world.

Wondering about some partnership opportunties for you and your local church? Lets get you plugged in!

Today there are more opportunities than ever before to go to the mission field and personally impact the lives of people from another culture. If you are interested in participating in a short-term missions trip, or if you are sensing the call of God to work in the mission field full-time, we are here to serve you. We have many resources and programs to help empower you to make a global impact. You can personally get involved in missions work around the world. Please contact the national office today.

Commit to go and do your part to help reach the world for Christ.

Eduardo & Rachel Galang
Pastors, Living Spring Foursquare Gospel Church, Administrator and Faculty Members, Foursquare Bible College of Hongkong

Rev. Rey & Vivien Laudencia
Theatre Arts, Evangelism, Discipleship, Teaching and Training - Madrid, Spain
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Rev. & Mrs. Monsito & Josefina Ysug
Theological Education - Papua New Guinea

Terencio & Felotea Ciego
Mission's Volunteer Teachers, Papua New Guinea

Lorenzo & Mrs. San Juan
Outreach & Education, Papua New Guinea

Gloria Cuaton
Teaching Ministry - Theological Education, Papua New Guinea

Ammie Falcunitin Rulida
Teaching & Evangelism, Japan

Markus & Bambi Huyssen
Church Planting, Philadelphia, USA

Apol Alamillo del Rosario
Pastoral Ministry, Ireland

Virginia "Virgie" Fernando
Community Development, Cambodia

Kay Pineda
Teaching Ministry, China

Arnel Estoque
Patoral Ministry, Japan

Eleazar Orque
Outreach Ministry, Indonesia

Chareen Grace Dalino
Outreach Ministry, Laos

Bernard Lapay
Teaching & Evangelism, Thailand

Markus & Bambi Huyssen
Church Planting, Philadelphia, USA

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