What We Do

Foursquare makes disciples, trains leaders, plants and multiplies churches, sends missionaries, and responds to disasters.

Disciple Making

  • Local Foursquare churches is where disciple-making happens. Healthy disciples in turn will make more healthy disciples.

Church Planting

  • Communities and localities are transformed through God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered churches that multiply.

Church Growth

  • The aims Foursquare movement include to grow and develop churches that are more accessible and sensitive to the spiritual needs.

Leadership Training

  • We support, encourage and equip our diverse group of leaders throughout their ministries, from credentialing through retirement.

Foursquare Missions

  • Foursquare Philippines sends and supports Filipino missionary workers that introduce Jesus Christ to both local and global mission fields.

Disaster Response

  • Foursquare Disaster Response Team responds quickly after a disaster or calamity, and ministers long after the cleanup.
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